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Jen Sonstein Maidenberg
3 min readJan 28, 2021


Jen Sonstein Maidenberg, West Hurley, NY, 2021

My writing on Medium is most often about dreams, dreamwork, memory, perceptions of time, synchronicity, love & longing, healing, and music. There are articles, essays, and poems here on these topics dating back to 2014. I was one of the first writers for Human Parts.

I publish three publications on Medium. Send me a private message if you think your writing may be a good fit for any of those publications.

Woo Woo (Curiosity-driven explorations of dreams, time, reality, psi, consciousness, altered states, and the paranormal)

Deja Vu (Creative nonfiction, hybrid lit, and poems about dreams, time, memory, music, love, and longing)

Into the Dream (A resource library for dreamers, healers, and those seeking to heal through dreams)

Related topics I’m currently (2022) researching include:

Reincarnation, time travel, cyclical time / repetition, Jewish mysticism / Kabbalah (in particular, Hebrew letters and sacred geometry), ancient lost civilizations, multidimensional beings, psi phenomena, encounters with aliens and/or multidimensional entities, spirit and afterlife communication, virtual / augmented reality, light and sound, sensory experience, migraines, love.

I speak out loud about my research on these topics via monthly “audio chats” (imagine a love child between a podcast and a WhatsApp voice memo from your best friend) on Patreon. You can subscribe to my Patreon to listen to back episodes, or you may listen to the latest one for free each month. I leave them on a public setting typically for a month before setting them to subscriber-only.

My writing is all around the internet: I have been blogging since 1999, writing as a freelance journalist since 2001, and a bit too over-confessional on social media platforms, in general, since I became a mother in 2002. For better or worse, I have what they call a very large online footprint.

I am a big believer in work being “passionately productive,” as opposed to hustling or striving. Whenever possible, I support other creators by paying for their writing and buying their art / music / products. I aim to be inside a…



Jen Sonstein Maidenberg

Dreamwork practitioner, researcher, writer. Healthfully obsessed with dreams, time, music, Jewish mysticism, memory, & love. 💞 jenmaidenberg.com