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  • Jessica Bovee

    Jessica Bovee

    I’m a psychonaut committed to self-exploration, healing, and expansion. Support my work: beacons.ai/theroote

  • Will Franks

    Will Franks

    freedom artist. magical realist. metamodern beat. i also make funk.

  • Stupid Philosophy

    Stupid Philosophy

    Philosophy for Everybody

  • Modern Mystic

    Modern Mystic

    Sharing wisdom of astrology and practical spirituality for conscious living 🌍

  • Joe Djemal

    Joe Djemal

    Gardener on a farm in Kent.

  • Eric Lortie

    Eric Lortie

    Artist. Human. Software Engineer. Wizard. Nonviolent Extremist. https://wizard.bio/

  • Joe Moody

    Joe Moody

    Pro tips for Medium writers + insights to make life better. https://joemoody.com

  • Tony Stubblebine

    Tony Stubblebine

    CEO at @medium. “Coach Tony” to some. My newsletter: https://coachtony.medium.com/subscribe

  • Desiree Driesenaar

    Desiree Driesenaar

    Wild Writer. Life. Health. Freedom. And a good future for all grandchildren ✽ https://www.abundanism.com/

  • Stephen Geist

    Stephen Geist

    Author of six self-published books spanning a variety of topics including spirituality, politics, finance, nature, anomalies, the cosmos, and so much more.

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