Why Healing Professionals Should Pay Attention to Their Dreams

Working With Your Dreams Leads to More Clarity for Your Clients

Jen Sonstein Maidenberg


Photo by Vince Fleming on Unsplash

Jungians call them “shadow aspects.” Kabbalists call them “klippot.” Truckers call them the bugs that fog up your windshield after too many miles on the road.

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about the emotional blind spots that obscure our vision as we try to expand our consciousness, increase our psychic development, or simply work towards being more loving and stable human beings.

Depending on your framework, these blind spots go by different names, but all of us, often, suffer from an automatic way of being that keeps us from truly knowing ourselves, authentically relating to others, and connecting with the current moment and our immediate environment. We move about our lives on auto-pilot, over-identify with a false sense of self, or act in response to the behavior or criticism of others rather than out of a genuine desire or intention of our own.

If you are a healing professional, I would hope that you have spent a lot of time working on your own wounding, your own reactivity, your own conditioning, and your own blind spots. It’s my belief this work never ends. Therefore, if we are working with clients on a regular basis — whether it’s in conventional or alternative healthcare, bodywork, mental health, or energy healing — it’s our responsibility to be as aware as possible of what may be getting in the way of our work with others, whether we know it or not.

If you are a healing professional, what have you been doing lately to make sure you are clear and grounded in your work with your clients? Do you ongoingly check in to see what your client work is bringing up for you?

Many therapists I know haven’t been in therapy themselves for ages. Many bodyworkers I’ve met continue to work on others, ignoring their own untreated pain. And then there are the energy workers who clearly have unprocessed hurt, anger, and resentment, but are quick to put their hands on vulnerable individuals seeking energy clearing.

The truth is, even those of us who know we need to be working on ourselves don’t always have time or means to get “extra help.”…



Jen Sonstein Maidenberg

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