Why We Should Consider the Writer a Healing Professional

What Are We Willing to Call “Healing?”

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Who are the healing professionals in your life? Over the course of my own life, I would include the following without hesitation:

- Pediatrician

- Allergist

- Gastroenterologist

- Nurse practitioner

- Nurse midwife


- Dermatologist

- Psychiatrist

- Radiologist

- Chiropractor

- Reiki-master

- Acupuncturist

- Naturopathic Doctor

- Herbalist

- Yoga Teacher

- Psychic Massage Therapist

If you know me even a little, you know I am someone who extends the title “healing professional” broadly to include what’s considered by others to be more alternative therapies for diagnostics and care. I am a BIG supporter and amplifier of healing professionals, sometimes obnoxiously so.

But funny enough, what I willingly and mindlessly pay for services offered by one, I hesitate to spend on another. One feels like a necessity, and another like an extravagance or a risk. (Of course, this is all further complicated by an imbalanced, unfair, and IMO cruel healthcare system in the country I currently live in.)

This morning I am thinking even more broadly about “healing professionals.” Who are the people in my life who have changed me, supported me, or made me feel better as a result of their work? Who has contributed to my mental WELLNESS? Who has offered me tips and tricks and empathy and a sense of not-aloneness as a result of their actions?

I’m thinking of music that lifts me out of a panic attack on a plane.

I’m thinking of a book — of many IRL books — that roused me from a cycle of silent regret and shame.

I’m thinking of the comedy sketches on SNL that are my go-to these days when I need a quick ignition for laughter.

Especially this past year when our access to medical professionals became limited … how many of us sought out healing on the internet, in books, on TV, on podcasts, on music apps?

Consider — if you have the capacity to do so — financially supporting an artist, a writer, a musician, a photographer, or a comedian. Consider that some of us may not be “starving artists,” but healing-professionals-in-training whose time has not yet been realized.

Whether we know we are doing so or we don’t, creators heal people with our creations (even those of us who are still not yet owning our own creative power or influence.)

In the same way the average person refused to pay extra for organically grown apples 20 years ago, but now buys organic trash bags at Walmart (not really, but you get the idea)… consider the wounding our world has been through these last few years and then please consider that maybe the independent, lesser-known, not-well-funded creators are the salve.

Healthfully obsessed with dreams, time, music, memory, & love. patreon.com/jenmaidenberg

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