Healthfully obsessed with dreams, time, music, memory, & love. // Insta @activedreamr

Q: What Do You Write About?

Jen Sonstein Maidenberg, West Hurley, NY, 2021

My writing is often about memory, dreams, perceptions of time, synchronicity, love & longing, healing, and music. Related topics I’m currently researching, and will soon be writing about include: reincarnation, time travel, Kabbalah (in particular, Hebrew letters and sacred geometry), alien experiences, spirit communication, and virtual / augmented reality. …

The magic — and the danger — of looking for patterns in the world

Photo: VANDAL Photography/Getty Images

LLast night, while searching “the significance of 38,” I landed on a Yahoo! Answers page. It was not the first time I’ve sought comfort in strangers’ answers to other strangers’ questions.

In fact, the most useful information I’ve obtained since the internet was usefully searchable has been from message boards…

And if so, is there an opportunity in noticing when it does?

For the last ten years, I’ve “parked” most of my creative writing on various free internet sites or social media platforms: here on Medium, on LinkedIn, as small vignettes on Instagram. A few times I’ve had essays published in online literary journals, as well.

Before that, I used to write…

Jen Maidenberg

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